The Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash "Quai 54" DV1717-100 is rich in tribal style!

The Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash "Quai 54" DV1717-100 is rich in tribal style!

Strong tribal style! New Jordans Release 2022 The brand new AJ1 is more handsome than the TS joint name! It is a broken hook and a pocket! With its outstanding appearance and unique streetball element design, it is difficult to grab every year, making the annual Jordan Quai 54 series much loved by players. This year's Quai 54 collection is inspired by West African culture and includes the Air Jordan 1, New Jordan 7 UK and Air Jordan Luka 1.
As this year's Quai 54 streetball game approaches, the New Jordan 1 UK Utility Stash "Quai 54" has finally been revealed. The shoe model uses the Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash, a derivative version of the Air Jordan 1. Like the Air Jordan 1 Utility that debuted before, various practical accessories such as zippers and small bags are added to the shoes to add a functional atmosphere. The upper is made of a large canvas material, the dark indigo base color is matched with the white frame, and the pinstripe pattern on the collar and insole is really exotic. The toe cap features a fully enclosed design similar to the GORE-TEX version, but is not waterproof. The side Swoosh runs through the surface of the small pocket. The material of the glue and the effect of the broken hook are all designs that are not very common on the regular Air Jordan 1. From the official picture, you can find the heel zipper bag that was not seen in the previous physical exposure. The surface is covered with tribal-style West African graffiti, and the effect is quite explosive. Jumpman and Quai 54 logos are printed on the tongue Tag and insole tag, and the exposed edge stitching brings a hand-sewn look. Finally, it is matched with pink midsole lines and rubber outsole to enhance the overall recognition and complete the design. The accessories that come with the shoes are also very rich, showing the good specifications of the shoes.
At present, this new pair of Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash "Quai 54" has been released simultaneously in July, with a sale price of $118. Friends who like it may wish to click the link to enter the purchase, and continue to pay attention to our new shoe release reports!

Air Jordan 1 Utility Stash "Quai 54", Style Code: DV1717-100

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